Thursday, August 25, 2011

Episode #008 | Guest: Karen Erickson, Elaine Levine

Genre Hopping. Would you try a fav author's attempt at a new genre?
Below (at 11pm EST) will be the live stream of episode #008 of Romance Lately!
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On Today's Show:
       Episode #008 will feature the Trinity doing a bit of gushing over books they've read since they've lasted checked in. They'll also be introducing a new segment called "WHAT ARE YOU READING!?" (yes, the All Caps is necessary) where they'll tell you what they're reading at that precise moment, and viewers (aka YOU) can brag (or complain) about the book you're on in the chats and through live text questions.    
   You can participate at anytime (click this link for details). We'll then spend a little time discussing the show's Topic of the day: Author's That Genre Hop. Will readers follow no matter the story's backdrop? 
  They'll then jump right into the jam packed interview portion of the show with stellar guests: Elaine Levineand Karen Erickson . Both guests will take viewer questions (get those ready and send through Live Text Question Button) AND do an exclusive reading from thier books! 

NOTE: If you try to sign in throught this player and when it stretches over the blog , you can't access the chat or the player looks see-through, please go to the event's direct link here and watch from there/participate from there.

More on our Guest
About Karen:
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"After leaving the working world to become a stay at home mom, Karen Erickson realized she needed to get busy and pursue her life long dream of becoming a published writer. She was first published in 2006.
A busy mother of three, she fits her precious writing time in between chasing her children, taking care of her wonderful husband and wrangling the cats, dog and chickens. She lives in California."

About Elaine:
Elaine Levine lives in a small town on the Plains in Colorado with her husband, a blind German Shepherd, and a middle-aged parrot (who feels he raised her two children and lives for visits from her son as well as long-distance phone calls from her daughter in the Coast Guard).
Elaine's first published story, RACHEL AND THE HIRED GUN, won Romance Writers of America's® Golden Heart® Award for Best Long Historical in 2007. Elaine enjoys hearing from her readers -- email her at and visit her website at to learn more about the stories behind her stories and what's coming up next!

Karen's Latest Release:
Sometimes you run in to love. Sometimes it runs into you.
Love at first sight? It’s so not happening for Morgan. Never mind that her two best friends, who are both up to their eyeballs in happily ever after, are playing matchmaker. She wants out of her worst blind date ever—and her “out” abruptly finds her when she’s knocked out cold walking into a door.
One look into the eyes of the beautiful woman with the gash on her head, and paramedic Evan Marshall is a goner. Professional ethics say hands off the patient. Once her stitches are out, though, he can’t resist the impulse to ask her out. As their first date flares into a white-hot affair, he feels it in his bones—she’s the one.
Evan’s everything Morgan could ever want in a man, but things are happening way too fast. She made that mistake once before and, certain this relationship is careening down the same road to heartbreak, she slams on the brakes.
To her surprise, Evan lets her go. And by the time she realizes she just let her one chance at happily ever after slip away, it could be too late…
Warning: Fated love strikes again. Featuring toe-curling sex, a sweet-talking man and a woman who can’t help but give in to her secret desires. Will true love reign supreme? Most definitely…
Elaine's Latest Release:
To Leah Morgan's mind, the last thing her hometown of Defiance needs is another gunman stalking its dusty streets-especially one as sweet-talking and fine-looking as Jace Gage. Despite her warnings, the infuriating man seems determined to meddle in her life and risk his own, all for a town that can't be saved and a heart she locked away long ago.
                                                                                      Professional bounty hunter Jace Gage has cleaned up plenty of corrupt towns in his lifetime, and he knows he can handle whatever Defiance's thugs have to offer. But the town's most lawful citizen is another story. Beautiful, willful and exasperating at every turn, Leah is the one person capable of bringing the ruthless gunslinger to his knees-and capturing his desire with a single kiss.

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