Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Episode #007 | RomCon Recap Special

 ROCK OUT WITH YOUR...RomCon Goodie Bags Out
Below (at 11pm EST) will be the live stream of episode #007 of Romance Lately!
Click HERE for a guide on how to log in and participate. 
On Today's Show:
       Episode #007 will  be a quick recap of all the fun and mayhem that took place last week at the RomCon 2011 conference in Denver. There were cover models, free books, and Kati practically attacking a life-sized cut out of Brooks Johnson. It was just pure fun.  If you were there, the hosts would love to hear about your experience at the con! Feel free to video call in or text question your comments!
   You can participate at anytime (click this link for details). 

NOTE: If you try to sign in throught this player and when it stretches over the blog , you can't access the chat or it looks see-through, please go to the event's direct link here and watch from there.

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