Romance Lately is an online talk show broadcasted LIVE and hosted by Rita from Not Another Romance Blog, Kati from Romancing Rakes, and Jamie from For The Love of Romance. They are known by a few as 'The Pervy Trinity' and if you watch just a few minuets of one of their shows- you'll know why. Geared specifically towards Book lovers of a romantic persuasion- Romance Lately is a talk show centering around just that-ROMANCE. The host talk about everything under the romance novel sun- Who's coming out with a new book series, which novels are hot this month, which books can't get here fast enough!
          Each show will have either a special guest, a special theme, or a combination of the two. Ideally, the goal is to reach any and every lover of romance books- so one show might showcase paranormal romance, another show might focus in on historicals, ect.
          What's even better is that the show is hosted from the super cool web platform called VOKLE, which is interactive and allows for the audience (that's you!) to participate in the show! Audience members can ask live questions (via web cam) or text questions to the hosts or the show's guest and participate in the chat  which goes on simultaneously throughout the show!

This blog will act as the shows website. The shows are called 'events' so the event players (the player connected to the live feed so you can watch/participate in the show) will be embedded in a post a few days before the show is scheduled to take place! Make sure you follow the blog via Google Friend Connect for instant updates to this blog/show. You can also follow the Facebook fan page or official Twitter to stay up to date on the upcoming shows and the latest happenings with the Romance Lately crew!