Technical Guide to Participating

How to Log On to See the Webcast:
We'll try to make this as easy peasy as possible. Complete with screen caps. Yay!

1. Click on the RED Join Event Button on the bottom left corner of the Vokle Player.

2. A page will pop up asking you to sign in via a Vokle account (which you can register for at this time) OR sign in via Twitter (which is highly recommended) OR Facebook.

3. Choosing the Twitter sign in option will ask you to approve the Vokle app to allow access to your Twitter page (nothing malicious will happen).

4. You will then be redirected to a larger version of the player complete with Chat feature on the Romance Lately page.

5. And now. Ta-da! You can see us chatting away.

How to Ask A Question/Make a Comment:
There are 2 options to ask a question/comment
1. Video call in
2. Text Question

How to Video Call In:
1. Click on the RED Ask A Question Button.
2. Click on the RED Live Video Button.
3. Go ahead and follow the Hardware Setup prompts.
4. Type in what you would like to ask or make a comment about.
5. Wait for the screener to talk to you and approve you to ask you question on air.

How to Ask a Text Question:
1. Click on the RED Ask A Question Button.
2. Click on the Text Button (with the pencil)
3. Type in your question. Submit.
4. And then you done. Easy pease right?
Be on the lookout for your question/comment during the Q&A session! =)