Monday, June 20, 2011

Episode #002 Preview

Episode #002 of the Romance Lately Show will air LIVE on Tuesday, June 21st @ 10:00pm EST

"Let's get VISUAL..VISUAL...Babbaaay!"
No, we aren't massacring 70s classics. It's time to talk romance visuals!
On Tuesday, June 21st 2011 at 10:00pm EST we will be hosting the second episode of RLS!! You'll be able to watch the live feed right here on the blog and participate in the chat beforehand. We're having a cool chat session about a 1/2 hour before the show, so come on in and chat with fellow book lovers while you await the fab-tastic second show! 

On this episode you should expect:
   More chat about recent or upcoming romance releases and related book-world news. We'll take some live audience questions and hear what you're excited about as well. We'll also be telling you about a super cool giveaway the Trinity is hosting along with authors Ashley March and Jenn LeBlanc.
   You can participate at anytime (see 'To Participate' below). We'll then spend a little time discussing the show's topic for the day: Romance Visuals: What Does Romance LOOK Like? , and then get into a short discussion of the book 'The Rake and the Recluse' by Jenn LeBlanc. Finally, Jenn will be stopping by for some Q&A with your hosts, to answer YOUR questions as well, AND do an exclusive reading from her book! 

To Participate:
Viewers can 'Join Event' with either a VOKLE, Twitter, or Facebook account. You do not need to join the event to watch the live feed, but in order to see/interact in the chat room with other viewers or ask questions to the hosts or guest- you'll need to sign in!

About Calling In: 
If you plan to use your webcam to video call in (which is strongly encouraged), make sure that you plug in headphones or ear buds of some sort as to eliminate echo from the live feed. You'll be screened by one of the host beforehand and once the time for you to ask your question arrives, you'll be connected to the feed and can ask away! Please have either a question or comment in mind before you go on air so we can keep the show moving at an entertaining pace :)

If you're a bit shy and would rather not video call in, you can send a text question which will be available upon joining the event, and one of the hosts will bring up your question at some point during the show (if approved).

Hope to see you guys there! 

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