Sunday, June 19, 2011

Episode #001- The Afterglow Post

Fun show, riight?
Again, because it deserves repeating, that was our FIRST show. We're still working everything out, getting un-camera's a process ;)

Firstly, we'd like to thanks our AMAZING first guest, Tiffany! Boozed up on boxed wine and MEGA sexy in her Batman attire! We love you!

If you'd like to learn more about Tiff, visit her website.
And if you wanted to check out that book of her's, you can buy it on Amazon:

More from the show:
We mentioned, or at least tried to mention, a few of the upcoming releases from this month. Rita has a list of some great historicals up on her blog that you might want to add to your shelf. You can find them here.

We also mentioned GO THE FUCK TO SLEEP audible book, which you can download for free at OR listen to it here:

We also talked about PotterMore for all you Potter fanatics. Something awesome is a brewing and you can check it out here. Jamie gushed about her love of all things X-Men: First Class aka The Fassbender/McAvoy bromance movie which she and Rita saw together. Boo on that since Kati lives on the West Coast. Since we gave away a Kindle book of the winner's choice, Kati touched on Kindle lending and gifting: how incredibly awesome it is but a bummer on some of the lending restrictions.

Jamie shared her first time with BDSM. As in first time she read about it! She asked Rita and Kati if they were Dominants or Submissives. Rita said she'd be a sassy submissive but switched to Dom on the weekends. Kati is a total Dom. Her hubby even calls her "Sir".

We shared our thoughts on Tiffany's book: SEVEN DAY LOAN. Check out Kati's review. Tiffany answered questions both from the Romance Lately girls and the viewers. A bit of heckling going on from Tiff's Twitter stalkers. All in the name of fun. =)

Tiffany read from her newest book THE SIREN. It's coming out in October. Tentatively.

We also gave away a book of their choice to one lucky tweeter who used the #RomanceLately hashtag: Congrats AislynnT!!!!

What's Coming Up for the Next Show:
The ultra fab Jenn LeBlanc, author to THE RAKE AND THE RECLUSE is going to be our next guest! Fingers crossed she brings the Duke of Roxleigh with her. So tune in on Tuesday, June 21 at 10pm EST. Hope to see you there.

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